Chapter 5

Node.js Tutorial

Node.js is an environment which runs JavaScript code outside of the browser.

Benefits of Node.js:

  • Develop faster due to the vast number of modules and reusable code from npm
  • Make fewer mistakes and be more productive (One language across the stack)
  • Delight your user with fast response time (YMMV)
  • Reduce team size and communication overhead (full-stack JavaScript)
  • Reduce dependency on other teams (e.g., backend API teams)
  • Ability to re-use code on the browser and server

Node.js Features:

  • Non-blocking I/O: performant
  • Fast JS engine: browser arms race (Google Chrome V8 and Microsoft Chakra)
  • Expressive and interpreted language: don’t waste time on setup
  • Solid and improving language standard (ECMAScript)
  • Built-in package manager with a humongous number of packages (npm)